Frequently Asked Questions

Account Center

How do I login to my account?

Click the profile icon located on the header, and enter your information to access your account.

How do I know if I am logged in?

Click the profile icon located on the header. If you see your name and account information, you are logged in and ready to start learning!

How do I change my password?

Log in and click the profile icon located on the header. Hover over the settings tab, and click ‘Password.’

Can I update my account information

Log in and click the profile icon located on the header. Hover over the ‘Settings’ tab, and click ‘General.’

I misplaced my certificate of completion. How can I get a replacement?

Log in and click the profile icon located on the header. Click on the ‘Certificates’ tab on your profile.

I answered all the polling questions in the webinar, but did not receive my certificate. What should I do?

Please give our customer support department a call at 813-785-0721, you do not need to retake the course. A certificate will be issued to you.

IRS Questions

Why do you need my PTIN?

For Enrolled Agents (EA’s) and Tax Prepares (TP’s) that need their hours reported to the IRS, your PTIN is required for us to submit your hours. More information is availble at

When are my CE hours reported to the IRS?

We report CE hours weekly.

I need an Ethics course for my IRS CE. What course will qualify?

Circular 230, Enrolled Agent ethical standards: Practice and procedures (2 CE), and Tax return Preparer Ethical issues (2 CE). Anyone providing service for people or companies in the cannabis industry we also recommend Tax Practice and the Cannabis Industry (1 CE)

Why is my CE not reported to the IRS?

Either we don’t have your PTIN number or we have a mis-spelling in your name. Please give us a call at 813-785-0721. If the course you took was not an ethics or tax course it does not qualify for CE. All IRS credited CE has HCDWL in the course ID number.

What courses qualify for IRS Reporting?

HCDWL is our IRS ID number. All courses that quakify for the IRS will have this in the course ID. Only tax courses, ethics courses covering Circular 230, and a couple courses about cyber security and identity theft qualify. You can find the course ID number in the Course Description of every course.

IRS requires Federal Tax Law and Federal Tax Update CE. How can tell which one I'm taking?

Each tax course will be listed as  Federal Tax Law or Federal Tax Update in the Course Description. FOR EXAMPLE; a course ID HCDWL-T-00001-23-S represents HCDWL is our sponsor ID, the T, U, E, or A represents T- for Law, U- for Update, E- for Ethics, and A- AFTR course, the 00001 is the number of the course in numeric order of courses we registered with the IRS, the 23 represents the year, and finally the S, O, I represents S- self-study, O-Online group webinar, and I- In Person.

Can Enrolled Agent's (EA's) get CE credit for completing the Annual Federal Tax Refresher course?

NO, This course is only for Tax Preparers wanting to qualify for the Annual Filing Season program. Further information is available at

Courses and Credits

Can I retake an exam?.

Absolutely, if you fail your exam you may retake the exam as many times as necessary except for the  the AFTR course, you only have three attempts

When are the courses updated?

As a requirement from our sponsorships; IRS, NASBA, and other State Boards of Accountancy our courses are updated and verified for accuracy at a minimium of once a year, most courses are updated multiple times a year as rules and laws are changed in accounting and auditing.

Where do I find my expiration date?

Your expiration date can be found on your receipt and in your profile online.

Can I take a course more than once?

Courses are only meant to be taken once per calendar year, some state boards allow for once per reporting cycle. The titles of the courses are provided by the authors therefore often have the same name after updating, but the course ID will be different.

If I want to take courses with CPE Prime what are my options?

We provide courses in multiple formats that include; Self-Study Ebooks, Self-Study Videos, Webinars, and Live In-Person Seminars and Conferences.

Are the Self-Study Ebook courses open book?

Yes, our self-study ebook courses are open book. The course is in PDF format and using Control F will allow you to search keywords or phrases.

Am I required to take a specific Ethics Course for my state?

Only the following states require a specific ethics course; Alabama (1 Credit), Delaware, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Jersey, New York (Tax), Ohio, Oregon, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington, and Wyoming all require a state specific Ethics Course. A general ethics course will meet the requirements for all other states.

Purchases & Refunds

I cannot make it to the seminar I purchased, what do I do?

Please refer to our cancellation and refund policy.

I need a copy of my receipt?

Log in and click the profile icon located on the header. Click on the ‘Orders’ tab on your profile or you can give us a call at 813-785-0721.

I just purchased an online course as a new user how do I access it?

Log in and click the profile icon located on the header. Click on the ‘My Courses’ tab on your profile.

Why is the course I already purchased asking me to pay for it again?

You need to login to the website.

I requested a refund, how long will it take?

Refunds are processed the day they are received, if after hours or weekends they are processed the next business day. In most cases you will see the credit on your card statment within two to three business days.


What browser works best with your website?

We found that Google chrome has a better support platform for MP4 videos, H5P, and Adobe Connect. Other browsers often require additional downloads for supporting our courses.

Will my IPhone, IPAD, Android or Tablet suoort webinars?

YES, you can watch webinars on these devices, however, webinars on iPhone/iPad can result in difficulty getting your certiuficates. These devices are constantly auto refreshing which disrupts the server connection. Give us a call at 813-785-0721 if this happens. After verifying successful completion we will issue you a certificate, no need to retake the course. We apologize for the inconvience.

Can I use an ereader for my ebooks?

Yes, simply download the ebook to your kindle or nook and your all set.

How long is my information kept?

6 years past your last certificate issued. Per our sponsorship agreements with NASBA, IRS, and many State boards of accountancy, certificates issued are kept for a minimum of six years, this incudes course material and records of attendance. We do not store or keep financial information such as credit cards in our offices it is shredded and placed in a burn bag immediately after processing. Burn bags are destoyed daily.