Insurance Basics for the Individual

This basic course covers the preparation for personal risk management in order for you to do your financial planning to achieve your goals without fear that it will be all negated with a single occurrence.  The different facets of risk management are covered as well as the various types of insurance policies that may be used for the transferring of risks.  

Challenges addressed are: The amount, if any, of property, liability, and life insurance needed to assure achievement of personal plans and goals in spite of the occurrence of an event of which you were at risk. Choosing between the various types of insurance policies as they relate to the protection of your needs and goals.  The special contracts and clauses that are present in life insurance policies.  


  • Introduce the need for risk management (Unit 1). 
  • Cover the insurance on the home and your automobiles (Unit 1). 
  • Present the need for health and disability coverage and the sources available (Unit 2). 
  • Determine whether you need life insurance and how much (Unit 3). 
  • Show the types of life insurance policies and the applicability of each to you (Unit 3 and 4). 
  • Cover the special contracts and clauses of life insurance policies (Unit 4)

Unit Titles: 

  1. Risk Management 
  2. Health and Disability Insurance 
  3. Life Insurance 
  4. Life Insurance – Continued