Seismic changes in tax
legislation is currently taking place, and the well-informed tax practitioner
will want to attend this eight hour program in order to stay abreast of these
developments.  This program will cover new
court decisions, recent IRS publications, and the latest tax legislation that
will impact businesses and individuals. 
The remaining time will be spent on IRS procedure and other issues. This
course will provide a concise look at the hottest topics affecting every tax

Who should
course is suitable for Corporate tax and finance executives, directors,
managers and staff, CPAs, CAs Enrolled Agents, accountants, attorneys and
business/financial advisors who work with and advise businesses that have tax
implications.  All in-house and public
practice tax professionals will benefit from this timely and insightful

Program Content:

  • Current business entity tax
  • Any current tax legislation
    occurring during the period.
  • Other issues affecting the
    profession, including IRS procedure, current cases, payroll, and other federal
    tax issues.


I: Secure Act 2.0 – Employer Provisions

  • Starter
    § 401(k) plans for small employers
  • Requiring
    automatic 401(k) enrollment
  • Improving
    worker access to emergency savings
  • Increasing
    part-time workers’ access to retirement accounts
  • Statute
    of Limitations on excise taxes imposed on overcontributions to retirement plans
  • Multiple
    employer §403(b) plans
  • Automatic
    portability provisions
  • Other
    changes in the administration of company retirement plans

II:  IRS Procedure

  • IRS
  • Statute
    of Limitations
  • Penalties
  • Anti-Injunction
  • Reporting


  • Understand the newest tax developments and changes to the
    Internal Revenue Code
  • Learn effective and efficient techniques for implementing new
  • Become
    familiar with recent court cases and Treasury publications affecting
    individuals and business entities.
  • Acquire
    a working knowledge of recent changes to IRS procedure.
  • Become
    conversant of recently issued tax court opinions and their implications to
  • Know
    the status of upcoming tax legislation and how it might affect clients.